Comparison Between SEO Reseller Services & Social Media Marketing

These two tools are the main ways through which you can promote content on the internet. Now we shall take a close look at the significant differences between SEO reseller services and Social Media Marketing, which will help you in deciding which method, is better for promoting your company or website. 

  1. A mindset of people: The intention of the public differs in both these strategies. One group is merely clicking or tapping on different links while the other is searching their queries on search engines. In one, the public is looking for something while in the other, the people would coincidently land on the page. When you think of it in this way you will come to know that people who are searching for something have a stronger intent to purchase than people who are just merely browsing and a social media post pops up in front of them, however they are most likely to share the post on their social media account if they are impressed by it and want to spread awareness. 
  2. The topic of content: As mentioned above, that the intent of people differs in both situations; therefore, it is essential to target the audience differently. Social media content tends to stir an emotional response, which would lead a person to make purchases. In contrast, SEO is more researched based, and people would only rely on it if your posts are detailed, informative, and answer most of their queries. 
  3. Format of content: Both of these tools are opposite when it comes to the formatting of content. When it comes to social media marketing, visual content is more reliable as it helps in grabbing the attention of people, thus posting images and videos would help you in producing more likes and shares on your posts which would increase the number of people landing on the social media post. However, lengthy documents work well with search engine optimization. The more words you have posted, the better. It has been observed that pages with more than 1500 words are most likely to get a high ranking by Google. 
  4. Speed of receiving results: You will obtain faster results through social media marketing as compared to search engine optimization. Yes, building your social media account and gaining more followers would take time, but once you post something, it will reach your audience instantly. In contrast, in search engine optimization, only people who would be searching for a particular thing would land on a page. 
  5. The longevity of success: SEO reseller agency is more durable as compared to social media marketing. Although your post would reach the audience instantly through social media marketing and the response would be quick. Still, it would require a continuous effort from you to maintain that position. 
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